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Career Counselling
Every child has a unique personality, aptitude and skills. Their career choices should be based on these main characteristics. We guide and help, students, to make their “right career” decision and stay happy and successful for life.

We do career guidance and counsel students by identifying their inner key strengths, capabilities, skills to understand the personality type and career interests. 
For achieving happiness and success in life we help students to identify and plan for a “right” career based on their inherent personality, skills & interest.

The program, has 3 main stages:
  • In person meeting or net meeting with the counselor
  • Complete Online Career Assessment test 
  • Face to face  or net meeting meeting for  a detailed analysis of assessment report. Guidance on educational course  and the "right" career

Total Program Cost, as per details given below:
# Basic Career Counselling session: Rs. 1,500/-
· 30 min Introductory session
· online assessment test
· One session with counsellor: 60 mins
· 30 min follow-up session on phone
# Advance Counselling session: Rs. 3,000/-
· 30 min Introductory session
· online assessment test
· two session with counsellor: 60 mins + 60 mins
· free follow-up session with counsellor, for 3 months

How I Can Help:

As a dedicated Sales Coach for your organization, I am committed to guiding you through the transformative journey for your Team's success :

  • Self-assessment and Personality Profiling
  • Educational Planning
  • Job Market Insights
  • Career Planning
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